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Fullerton Public Schools

COVID 19 Information


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COVID 19 Plan





The purpose of this document is to provide a framework for how Fullerton Public Schools will respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the educational program during the 2020-2021 school year. The document is structured using a “risk condition dial” (as determined in conjunction with the East Central District Health Department - Columbus) to allow for a response to changing conditions.


Using the “risk condition dial:” 

GREENlow risk - will represent the conditions being near normal.

YELLOW – moderate risk - will represent increased cases or risk within the community. Increased safety measures will be implemented where appropriate.

ORANGE  - high risk -will represent increased cases and risk within the community and/or building. Consultation with the Health Department will occur. Increased safety measures will be implemented that may include an alternate education delivery system such as alternating days, remote learning, etc.

RED –severe risk – will represent greatly increased cases and risk within the community and/or building. Will consult with Health Department. Remote learning (at home) will be implemented.


Key Points of the Fullerton Schools Plan

  1. Temperature checks for all staff and students will be conducted each morning to allow entrance into the building or a school bus.  Temperatures must be under 100.4 degrees to allow entrance.
  2. Students may not enter the building for the regular school day until 7:45 a.m.
  3. Breakfast will be “grab and go” and all students will proceed to 1st period and/or homeroom.
  4. Use of Masks – Our East Central Department of Health District (and many others) has concluded the wearing of a mask is considered to be an effective method to keep students and staff at a “low risk” of infection.  Wearing a mask, therefore, lessens the chance of a required quarantine as determined in conjunction with the Health Department through contact tracing. In the event of exposure, quarantine time for a student and/or staff member could be influenced by whether or not masks were worn.  Quarantines may have a minimum of 14 days.

The following reflects the use of masks within the Fullerton plan based upon the risk dial:

              Staff –(when social distancing is not achievable)

                        In Green – Highly Recommended/Optional

                        In Yellow and Orange – Required

    Students -(when social distancing is not achievable)

                         In Green – Highly Recommended/Optional

                                    In Yellow – Highly Recommended/Optional

                         In Orange – Required


Mask breaks will be conducted throughout the day for both staff and students when social distancing opportunities allow.  Staff and students will be provided cloth masks. Staff and students may bring their own masks as long as they meet safety and school guidelines.


  1. Basic Protocol for Confirmed Cases
    1. When the district is officially informed of a Covid-19 positive case, steps will be taken to work directly with the Health District for contact tracing efforts in determining the risk level and quarantine requirements
    2. A student or staff member who has been identified to have contracted Covid-19 will be required to work with health officials and our nurse to obtain approval to return to school.